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Established in the year 1996 Brillant Security Services has provided security solutions to the Corporate World. Our main motto is toinvest in good quality and use our resources to the optimum so that we are able to provide excellent services to our clients.

Brillant Security Services is a multi-faceted security solutions provider that boasts of a team of over 6000 security personnel, dogsquads, a detective agency strengthened by the expertise to install latest hi-tech security devices.Apart from trained security guards, we also provide attendants to look after buildings, offices, parking lots etc. These are not security guards, but perform their specific duties of Facility Attendants. We also provide security systems such as CCTV Camera,Video Door Phones, Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems and much more. These systems complement the efficiency of oursecurity personnel.

Brillant Security Services have a detective agency, run by a team of experienced ex-servicemen, that has successfully dealt with cases of fraud missing and absconding employees. We have also undertaken financial verification of individuals and parties and have done character verification of persons either employed or to be employed in sensitive positions. Brillant Security Services has be appointed by various reputed houses to verify the financial standing of the parties with whom they propose to have a business deal.

Another aspect that differentiates Brillant Security Services from any other security agency is -Training. A professional training center has been set-up that helps us provide good service and ensures the growth of every employee. The training serviceincludes fire fighting which includes identifying the types of fire, taking appropriate measures to control it and eventually extinguish it. Gate Control Measures is a very important aspect of training. It includes keeping records and checking of employees, visitors and materials. First Aid, telephone handling and interaction with local authorities including police are also a part of the training. Briefly, we are a security company that is not restricted to providing you with surplus of manpower. Rather, we are a one stop security agency that offers complete, efficient and reliable security solutions.
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